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Global Visas Australia is just one of many branches all over the world. Each branch has its own team of immigration experts and lawyers ready to handle your visa application. Our locations include the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, India and the Philippines, plus many more.

This is a satellite website intended to provide basic immigration information for Global Visas clients based in Australia. For full details and more information, please visit GlobalVisas.com and go to our pages for Australia Visa and Australian Immigration, Canada Visa and Canadian Immigration, New Zealand Visa and NZ Immigration, UK Visa and UK Immigration, and US Visa and USA Immigration advice.

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UK Immigration

We have become the UK’s “experts expert” and help our clients obtain, work, business and investor visas extending from the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) to UK work permits under the new UK Point Based System, UK tier 1 visas, UK tier 2 visa solutions and UK immigration sponsorship licences for employers or even working holidaymaker visas. Global Visas has a great relationship with many of the immigration and visa services in all the countries we work in, hence we can tackle any obstacle we might face with an application, quickly and effectively.

The UK has tightened its immigration and visa laws these changes are the most radical in 45 years. The Points Based System (PBS) has divided the immigration and visa routes t the UK into a five-tier immigration model. This model is intended for non-European Economic Association (EEA) nationals immigrating to the UK. Applicants under the Tier 1 system have to show that they have enough points to qualify for any of the visas under tier 1.

Our team is made up of experts in this field and are dedicated to helping applicants put together a convincing case when applying under the tier 1. The UK tier 2 visas replace the work permit scheme and employers who want desire to hire a foreign national will have to obtain a sponsor’s licence from the UK’s Home Office. Global Visas also assist employers with immigration compliance issues on how to acquire a sponsorship licence which in return allows them to sponsor employees under UK Immigration tier 2. Applicants who wish to come to live and work in the UK are required to apply for the Biometric visa prior to their arrival in the UK. Biometric visas are a way for the UK Immigration and UK Visa services authorities to collect fingerprints and images of people before they arrive in the UK. This is the government’s way of ensuring tighter border control policies.

Australian Immigration

The Outback’s are becoming increasingly popular for foreign workers who want a relaxed and sunny environment to live and work. Moving to Australia can be relatively easy as long as you have a reliable, proactive and authoritative immigration and visa agency to take care of all your immigration needs. Global Visas does that and more. We obtain Australian for our clients to allow them to live and work in Australia visas to allow our clients to live and work in Australia through work permits, business visas, investor visas and Australian skilled visas or through family immigration routes. The Australian team at Global Visas can also help you in applying for the skilled independent visa, skilled sponsored visa, contributory parent visa, last remaining relative visa, spouse visa, De Facto visa, and prospective marriage visa.

Canadian Immigration

Global Visas has a unique and diverse group of well qualified and registered Canadian immigration services team who assist applicants on how to secure work permits for companies or on how to enter Canada on the Federal skilled worker visa, an entrepreneur visa or an investment based visa. Our Canadian experts also help our clients to visit Canada on short term bases by obtaining a tourist or a business visas. They also assist in relocating to Canada through the Canadian family sponsorship with permanent residency or Canadian citizenship. Canada is a popular destination for highly skilled migrants this is because it continues to support its non native inhabitants with services that help them settle within the country.

As a firm specialising in Canadian Immigration we have access to the finest Canadian Immigration lawyers but also work with our own CSIC qualified agents.

USA Immigration

Global visas has a corporate US visa service team to help investors and individuals understand the difficult and often confusing US immigration and visa laws. Our services range from business visitors visas through to working in USA immigration and citizenship or permanent cards. We have a range of qualified American visa experts who are committed to assisting our clients with US work visas which include the popular H-1B and the L1-visa.

Our US immigration lawyers also help with employment based green cards such as the EB-1 and EB-2 visa as well as non-work-related visas such as the K1 and K3 visas – the fiancé and spouse visa respectively.

New Zealand Immigration

Global Visas employs a consultant registered with the relevant authorities in NZ to ensure we are always qualified to handle New Zealand visas and immigration law. To start a New Zealand immigration application today, simply click on the “Free Assessment” button for expert advice from a Global Visas consultant.

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