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Australia’s economy is on the rise. The government has put in place temporary and permanent work visas based upon a candidates skills, qualifications, and experience and the contribution they will make to Australia as a whole. Some of the Australia visa services allow a candidate to seek employment once in the country, some are dependent upon sponsorship from an Australian company.

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Skilled Migrant Worker Visa

In July 2012, the Australian Government implemented a number of changes that affected Skilled Worker Visas, including the 457 visa. The revised Skilled Migrant Worker for Australia Visas provide professionals and skilled workers from a number of fields with the opportunity to move to and work in Australia. These visas are applied for and awarded as either Independent (175) or Sponsored (176) Skilled Visas.

The Independent Skilled Worker Visas (175) provides those who are accepted with the opportunity to move to Australia to seek employment without prearranged sponsorship. The Sponsored Skilled Worker Visa (176) requires that the applicant have one of the following:

  • An eligible relative living in Australia who is willing to act as sponsor
  • A nomination from a State or Territory government agency

What these visas let you do

Successful applicants for either Australian work visas are entitled to the following:

  • Live and work in Australia on a permanent basis
  • Receive subsidised healthcare
  • Study at a school, vocational education and training program or university
  • Be eligible for Australian Citizenship

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Permanent Australian Work Visa

Australia also offers a range of permanent immigration services based on an applicant’s skills, qualifications and experience. In all cases these immigration routes permit the applicant to bring their partner and/or dependent children to join them in Australia.

Australian Distinguished Talent Visa

This permanent immigration visa is based on a candidate’s exceptional ability in sports, the arts or research and academia. There is no age limit for this route however those under 18 or over 55 will need to show evidence of financial stability and must demonstrate that their presence in Australia will be of exceptional benefit to the country.

Candidates must be able to provide evidence of internationally recognised achievements in their particular field and they should still be a prominent figure within their profession. They must demonstrate themselves to be an asset if they were to move to Australia, whether in terms of culture or economic benefit and this must apply to the country as a whole. Candidates applying under this category can also be nominated by one of the following:

  • An Australian organization with an international reputation
  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

Find out further information on our Australia Student Visa page.

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