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p>India has the world’s second largest labour force in the world hence applying for a work permit is subject to less specific requirements than similar working visa services in many other countries. Indian work permits do not require much from applicants, however, all foreign nationals who wish to live and work in India must obtain a work permit to be able to do this. Applicants can submit the work permit application if they are outside India however the common route involves an Indian employer acting as a sponsor and applying on behalf of the candidate(s) they wish to bring to India.

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Indian Work Permit Application

With India becoming one of the emerging economies of the world many foreign nationals travel to India in the hopes of working there or better yet finding an employer to sponsor their employment opportunities for specific skilled positions. Applicants need to be in possession of a current and valid passport from their country of residence and in addition they need to possess a range of other documentary evidence including proof of residence and written confirmation of the position being offered. One of the benefits of a work permit visa is that it allows a candidate to continuing living and working in India and they are allowed to extended in increments of one year as required.

Indian Intra Company Transfer Visa Application

The Intra Company Transfer is a popular and useful form of Indian Work permit which allows an Indian company to transfer employees from their international branches or subsidiaries of the company to come to India. This visa service assists in the transfer of crucial employees with valuable experience of a company’s products or services to relocate to India in order to fulfil a particular role. Ultimately the granting of an Indian intra company transfer visa will be at the discretion of the Indian migration officer and will take into account the ability and availability of any existing native Indian workers to fill a position. Applicants are expected to have a suffice level of education; normally a four-year university degree is preferred. All applications under the Indian Work permits are granted on a case to case basis.

Spouse Immigration and Dependent Immigration

Indian work permits offer the option to remain in the country for a period of several years and provision is usually made for the immediate family members of the applicant to join them in the country. Dependents of the applicant are permitted to enter India and remain in the country for the same duration as the main applicant. However, dependents wishing to take up employment in India will need to successfully obtain an Indian working permit in their own right.

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