New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is one of the youngest countries in the world, only discovered a thousand years ago and it presents itself as an enigma. This country’s beauty is embedded within its fast flowing rivers, abundant native forests, deserted beaches, snow glazed mountains and a rich pot of culture. New Zealanders passion for life radiates in their love for sport especially cricket and rugby of which the ‘All Blacks’ are not only the nation’s proud possession but also the worlds. Some of New Zealand’s hidden gems lies in their beautiful golf courses, food and wine and the country’s landscape has become synonymous with film. It is no wonder this country is quickly becoming a popular destination not just for those who wish to visit but for those looking to move to New Zealand on a permanent basis.

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Tourist Visa

The New Zealand tourist visa allows its holder to stay in New Zealand for up to three months. However, those who need to stay longer, it is essential to apply for a New Zealand visitor’s visa which is a multiple entry visa for a maximum stay of 9 months within its 18 month duration. Tourist and visitor visas are valid for those entering the country to visit family and friends, travel, receive medical treatment, or to engage in business activities excluding employment. All applicants must be able to prove that they plan to leave New Zealand within the specified legal of their visa and that they also have to prove that they can support themselves whilst in the country.

Business Visas

This category of New Zealand visa allows international business masterminds and foreign nationals to work in New Zealand on a long term business visa intended to assist people who wish to start a business within the country. New Zealand business visas are primarily issued as a temporary residence permit which is valid for three years. However candidates might also be able to change into the New Zealand Entrepreneur category and apply for a permit to become a permanent resident. Applicants are assessed on different levels; they are often measured on their business experience in a senior management position, their skills to invest sufficient funds to make their project feasible and practical. In addition applicants have to also prove that the venture is beneficial to New Zealand’s cultural, economic or technological development and should encompass developing and introducing new technologies, create jobs while growing existing markets.

Applicants must also be in excellent health, have a high grasp of the English language and submit an in-depth business plan which outlines the applicant’s financial resources, business history and the capability of their proposed venture.

Investors Visas

New Zealand is becoming a popular destination for investors who want to relocate to the country by making an also offers an investor visa for those who wish to relocate to New Zealand by making a significant investment. This visa will eventually lead to the applicant gaining the permanent residency in New Zealand and requires candidates to demonstrate a minimum of five years of business experience owning at least 25% of a business or having extensive senior management experience. New Zealand is a great place to invest in, applicants must demonstrate that they have a real desire to live and work in the country and they must be able to invest at least NZ $2 million.

New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand is high demand for skilled migrants and usually the government will advertise and classify which skills are in demand and offer skilled migrants the necessary visa to fill those positions. The skilled migrant visa works on a points based system and candidates are assessed on their age, qualifications and employment, with extra points awarded to those who already have a job offer. Extra points may also be granted if the applicant has relatives in New Zealand or if their partner has where the applicant’s partner has useful skills.

New Zealand Work Permit

New Zealand work permits are generally split into two categories: the New Zealand Work to Residence Visa and the General Work Visa. The Work to Residence visa and sometimes referred to as the WRV permits an applicant to apply for permanent residency after two years of work in New Zealand. This visa may be obtained by acquiring sponsorship from an accredited New Zealand employer. This only counts if you have exceptional skills and talent in the arts or in sport. To obtain the WRV you may also apply for a position which falls under the Long Term Skill Shortage List. The WTR does provide multiple entry visas for applicant to leave and enter New Zealand; this will be valid for 30 months.

The general rule in obtaining a work visa for New Zealand is to prove you have job offer from a New Zealand company, however this is suitable where the candidate’s skills do not appear on the Long Term Skill Shortage List. Unlike the WTR visa, the general work permit does not lead to permeating settlement and is only granted for three yeas at a time.

New Zealand Family Visas

Many Globe trotters have families, partners – married and unmarried, fiancé and they may wish for them to join them in New Zealand. This is possible through the New Zealand partnership visa as it is often referred to and it requires both partners to be at least 18 years of age, and the applicant and partner have to prove that they have been legally married to each other or they are in an exclusive relationship, living together in an arrangement similar to marriage for at least 12 months.

Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a student visa to foreign nationals who wish to study in New Zealand towards a particular course. The study visas are generally supplied for a period of one year and are renewable every year depending on the length of your course. In some cases a New Zealand student visa can be issued for full time courses and it is sometimes possible to work part time. However taking employment rarely allowed and sometimes where the course duration is more than a year this may be permitted.

To apply for a New Zealand student visa applicants have to confirm an offer of a place at an educational institution within the country. Applicants must also prove that they arranged accommodation, go through a medical check to establish that they are of good health and provide evidence that they can financially support themselves throughout their stay in New Zealand. This will include any government grant or scholarship you may receive in New Zealand or outside.

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